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New Clark/Lex Vid: "Objection (Tango)"

A belated Valentine to the Clark/Lex fandom. Or should I say, anti-Valentine?

Song: Objection (Tango)
Artist: Shakira
Pairing: Clark/Lex, with Lana-as-Other-Woman
Summary: The tango is a dance of violence and passion.
Spoiler warnings: This is a season 6 and 7 vid with clips up to and including 7.12.

Two flavors!
Objection (Tango), 116MB WMV file.
Objection (Tango), 62MB AVI (XVid) file. Click to download.

I know the files are huge, but they look gorgeous, and I'm really reluctant to release lower quality versions. If you desperately need a smaller file, let me know, and I'll see what I can do.

Imeem is no longer letting me upload vids. Therefore, you can view this vid on YouTube here: Objection (Tango).

Please do not re-distribute any of the direct links. Also, DO NOT repost my vids anywhere (YouTube, MySpace, etc.). The AVI file should play fine on Windows Media Player, but if not, you can always download the handy-dandy VLC Player. Additional note: Since I am making these vids purely for fun, I am not looking for criticism, constructive or otherwise. Thanks for understanding.

Vidder's notes: All thanks and love to my beta bop_radar who gives the most joyful feedback. You inspire me!

An apology: danceswithgary, this is not your vid. It's sexy, angsty, and dance-y as all get-out, but it is not a "happy ending." But fear not. I am back on track for a fic trailer: "Fracture" provided the exact clips I needed. So, please stay tuned, and my apologies for the continued delay.

Many thanks to duskwillow for the "Noir" icon.

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Tags: smallville music vid
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